21Aug, 2017

The field of genetic engineering made a big announcement last week. Scientists at the Oregon Health and Science University were able to successfully edit genes of a human embryo. This a major scientific advancement and a way to potentially ward off disease, particularly chronic genetic diseases like early-on set Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, Tay-Sachs, sickle cell anemia or cystic fibrosis, to name a few. The technique called CRISPR, involves editing or replacing very specific sections of DNA, which means the disease would be eradicated from the entire gene pool and so spare […]

7Aug, 2017

A few blog posts back, we focused on the need for men to be aware of their sperm count and overall fertility health. Knowing that fertility takes two, it is just as important for men to have quality sperm and a high sperm count as it is for women to have a plentiful number of eggs that are high quality. In short, it’s not just about the health of the eggs or solely a woman’s issue, as it is often wrongly assumed. Now, there is even more reason to be […]

6Jun, 2017

New stem cell research advances are presenting some headlines that are sci-fi worthy. Researchers from Kyusha University in Japan have succeeded in taking the skin stem cells from mice, performing some complicated bio-engineering and creating reproductive cells forming eggs and sperm. As the New York Times reported this can make for some wild speculations about what the future of human reproduction may hold. Babies made from the skin cells of four different people, for instance, meaning co-parenting times four. Or there’s the stranger possibility of obtaining skin cells from celebrities […]

Six-Week Fertility Support Group
26May, 2017

Infertility Support Group: A Mind-Body Approach for the San Diego Community Tuesdays, starting June 13th Beginning Tuesday evenings, starting June 13th the new Infertility Support Group, led by social worker Rachel Rabinor (LCSW) and naturopathic Dr. Elizabeth Winter (ND), will begin its next six-week session. Started as a way to fill a void in the San Diego community by offering women struggling with infertility a face-to-face, supportive environment, the group focuses on a mind-body approach drawing on Rabinor’s professional training as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Dr. Winter’s expertise […]

Resolve: The National Infertility Association
9May, 2017

Last month during Infertility Awareness Week, several leading newspapers ran headlines noting that one in eight couples struggled with infertility.  That’s 15 percent of the couples in the U.S.  While this may not be news to couples who have already faced or are facing infertility, raising awareness and educating the wider public is a positive step toward helping these couples and those beginning attempts to conceive.  Nation-wide walks like San Diego Resolve’s Walk for Hope were also part of the awareness week.  These walks foster community and offer support to […]

EvatarNew Breakthrough Fertility Model
19Apr, 2017

Evatar is a new exciting technological advance that has just been added to the field of reproductive health. It’s a complete, robotic replica of the female reproductive system. The team of researchers from Northwestern University, the University of Illinois at Chicago and Draper Laboratory developed Evatar and it comes equipped with a complete uterus, ovaries and a menstrual cycle. Made from human and mouse tissue, it is able to mimic the 28-day menstrual cycle. Evatar also produces hormones, often the cause of many reproductive system complications from cancer and fibroids […]

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