4Dec, 2015

News spread fast in October when China officially announced to end one-child policy. Since then we had several internal discussions guessing how it would affect IVF business in China and in the United States. We were guessing that in light of the new policy there would be less pressure to have boy in the family and less demand for gender selection through IVF procedure… but that’s not the case. Please read here why? Read more at Reuters

17Mar, 2015

We just received follow up from one of our young patients who recently had an egg retrieval. She was one of our Egg Donors, a young woman who donates her eggs to another patient who is having difficulty conceiving because of poor egg quality. Our donor is feeling great! She has had minimal to no discomfort. She had undergone an egg retrieval at another center in the past and she said that this was a definite improvement. So what was so different at Hanabusa IVF that made it so much […]

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