9Mar, 2017

As we spring forward into Daylight Savings Time in Southern California, we’d like to bring your attention to a new study regarding fertility and the time change. Pushing the clock an hour forwards or backwards may not seem like enough to make a huge difference in matters of IVF, but the change does alter our circadian rhythms and how we respond physiologically to changes in daylight and the sleep wake cycle. In a new study conducted by researchers at Boston Medical School, patients undergoing IVF were monitored during and after […]

19Jan, 2017

New research shows that implanting two embryos cuts the chances for a successful pregnancy by a quarter, particularly if one embryo is in a poorer state of health than the other. The body, instead of focusing on the healthy embryo, will concentrate on the less viable embryo and can then reject a pregnancy altogether. Doctors involved in the research study conclude that if a “poor quality embryo is placed back with a good one, it’s more likely to compromise the chance of the good one implanting.” In short, the research […]

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