As Many as 30% of Fertilized Eggs have an Abnormal Number of Chromosomes
24Oct, 2016

At one time, twin sightings were a rare occasion, but due to the rise of both IVF and the use of fertility drugs, twins and even triplets are a much more common occurrence and it isn’t unusual to now know of families with a set of twins or to see parent’s pushing double strollers down the street along with their first-born toddlers. The increase in twins and triplets is partly the result of the multiple-embryo transfer (MET) approach to IVF which leads to multiple gestations, though some patients are sometimes […]

28Sep, 2015

Despite being across the country, a number of patients from my prior IVF center still consult with me regarding their treatment. One of these patients is AD. AD came to me when she was 32 years old. She had been diagnosed with premature ovarian failure (POF) and her last natural period had been 5 years earlier. As with many others who have POF, AD is a carrier of the pre-mutation of the Fragile X gene. Except for 1 REI (Dr. A), all the specialists she saw recommended that she go the donor egg route. Dr. A […]

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