23Aug, 2015

CK was 38 years old and had been dealing with secondary infertility for many years. She conceived once in the distant past in a prior relationship but terminated that pregnancy. While being treated by a prior physician, Dr. A, CK was diagnosed with blocked fallopian tubes (both sides). Not only were the tubes blocked, the left tube was full of fluid, a condition called “hydrosalpynx.” The concern about this condition is that this fluid collecting in the Fallopian tube, which is probably natural tubal fluid, eventually turns toxic and may leak back into the […]

12Jun, 2015

SW was 38 years old and had never been pregnant before. After a normal workup and multiple failed IUI cycles using a combination of oral and injectable meds, SW was diagnosed with infertility of unknown origin and started IVF treatments. Dr. A, at a very well respected center in San Diego, chose a classic “antagonist” protocol for stimulation but took the “shotgun” approach, meaning that the plan was designed to include as many different treatments as possible in 1 cycle with the hope that “everything” could be covered: estrogen prime, testosterone prime, 300-450 U FSH+HMG injections for […]

4Feb, 2015

My last days at New Hope were a whirlwind of emotions and many sad goodbyes. Fortunately, one good-bye was a happy one: I was able to graduate AG! AG  had a beautiful ultrasound heartbeat on 3 separate occasions and the fetus was growing appropriately, so it was  time to move her on to her obstetrician.  AG is 36 y/o. If everything goes well this will be her second baby with  New Hope. The most interesting thing is that she is menopausal and this pregnancy was from an embryo created  from her […]

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