EvatarNew Breakthrough Fertility Model
19Apr, 2017

Evatar is a new exciting technological advance that has just been added to the field of reproductive health. It’s a complete, robotic replica of the female reproductive system. The team of researchers from Northwestern University, the University of Illinois at Chicago and Draper Laboratory developed Evatar and it comes equipped with a complete uterus, ovaries and a menstrual cycle. Made from human and mouse tissue, it is able to mimic the 28-day menstrual cycle. Evatar also produces hormones, often the cause of many reproductive system complications from cancer and fibroids […]

15Dec, 2016

Hanabusa IVF is  happy to report the results of a successful mini IVF treatment. A 35-year old patient whose tubal issues were causing her infertility problems now has three healthy embryos. This patient preferred a low stimulation approach to IVF.  When formulating her personalized treatment plan, we recommended minimal stimulation IVF with the understanding that she may have to undergo future rounds of IVF. We felt that the patient was young enough to produce multiple embryos and so worked to optimize her chances of becoming pregnant. After performing only one […]

4Feb, 2015

My last days at New Hope were a whirlwind of emotions and many sad goodbyes. Fortunately, one good-bye was a happy one: I was able to graduate AG! AG  had a beautiful ultrasound heartbeat on 3 separate occasions and the fetus was growing appropriately, so it was  time to move her on to her obstetrician.  AG is 36 y/o. If everything goes well this will be her second baby with  New Hope. The most interesting thing is that she is menopausal and this pregnancy was from an embryo created  from her […]

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