25Mar, 2015

Hooray! Our Clomid-only IVF egg retrieval from last week resulted in a Blastocyst! I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. Our patient is still relatively young (i.e. not yet 40) and , even though Hanabusa IVF is a new center in San Diego, our mother center Hanabusa Women’s Clinic is the second largest center in Japan performing over 8,000 IVF cycles per year. Between my embryologist from our mother center in Kobe and myself (and my work at New Hope Fertility Center), we have thousands of cases of experience between […]

17Mar, 2015

We just received follow up from one of our young patients who recently had an egg retrieval. She was one of our Egg Donors, a young woman who donates her eggs to another patient who is having difficulty conceiving because of poor egg quality. Our donor is feeling great! She has had minimal to no discomfort. She had undergone an egg retrieval at another center in the past and she said that this was a definite improvement. So what was so different at Hanabusa IVF that made it so much […]

26Feb, 2015

The other day, my wife asked why I don’t shorten my stories. I explained to her that these entries were more than stories of inspiration and hope; these stories are also meant to explain and educate. When patients come to me after failing at other centers, I sometimes find myself having difficulty following the logic of prior treatments. At times, I am stunned at the lack of thought placed in creating differential diagnoses and treatment options. “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” and (fortunately and unfortunately) there […]

4Feb, 2015

My last days at New Hope were a whirlwind of emotions and many sad goodbyes. Fortunately, one good-bye was a happy one: I was able to graduate AG! AG  had a beautiful ultrasound heartbeat on 3 separate occasions and the fetus was growing appropriately, so it was  time to move her on to her obstetrician.  AG is 36 y/o. If everything goes well this will be her second baby with  New Hope. The most interesting thing is that she is menopausal and this pregnancy was from an embryo created  from her […]

27Jan, 2015

Hello from San Diego! Leaving New York was bittersweet. I have great memories of the rush and franticness of my younger days but, after almost 25 years and now having two young children, I don’t need that anymore. I need sun, beach and a backyard. I will miss my former colleagues, my staff and my patients, but my colleagues and staff will endure and my patients are in good hands, so on to the sun and beach and a new purpose: Providing an alternative to the patients of San Diego. […]

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