9Mar, 2015

Finally! After weeks of organization and much anticipation, I was finally able to perform our first Japanese Minimal Stimulation IVF egg retrieval at Hanabusa IVF. I believe this would be the first in the San Diego area. What is Japanese Minimal Stimulation IVF? I am going to save that for next time. Let us continue. A little Valium for nerves. Local anesthesia. Japanese retrieval catheter (which are over 30% smaller than what is typically used in the United States). Using techniques that I have repeated and refined thousands of times […]

27Jan, 2015

Hello from San Diego! Leaving New York was bittersweet. I have great memories of the rush and franticness of my younger days but, after almost 25 years and now having two young children, I don’t need that anymore. I need sun, beach and a backyard. I will miss my former colleagues, my staff and my patients, but my colleagues and staff will endure and my patients are in good hands, so on to the sun and beach and a new purpose: Providing an alternative to the patients of San Diego. […]

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