23Dec, 2015

There was a really interesting article published in New York Times this morning. We would like to highlight a really important point of this research study which confirms our approach to IVF treatment. “Some clinicians also believe that women who do not produce any eggs — or produce just two or fewer — after stimulation of the ovaries are less likely to become pregnant via future cycles of I.V.F. The new study found no evidence for this. “We found that just isn’t the case,” said Dr. Debbie A. Lawlor, an […]

22Oct, 2015, among numerous other news sites, recently posted a picture (shown left) that has been getting some attention around the web: It’s a great image for sure to represent all of the needles and medications that are part of a Traditional IVF protocol. It certainly caught our attention. We thought we’d post our take on the image, something to represent the needles needed with our minimal stimulation, Japanese IVF protocols (shown right).

27Jan, 2015

Hello from San Diego! Leaving New York was bittersweet. I have great memories of the rush and franticness of my younger days but, after almost 25 years and now having two young children, I don’t need that anymore. I need sun, beach and a backyard. I will miss my former colleagues, my staff and my patients, but my colleagues and staff will endure and my patients are in good hands, so on to the sun and beach and a new purpose: Providing an alternative to the patients of San Diego. […]

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