15Dec, 2016

Hanabusa IVF is  happy to report the results of a successful mini IVF treatment. A 35-year old patient whose tubal issues were causing her infertility problems now has three healthy embryos. This patient preferred a low stimulation approach to IVF.  When formulating her personalized treatment plan, we recommended minimal stimulation IVF with the understanding that she may have to undergo future rounds of IVF. We felt that the patient was young enough to produce multiple embryos and so worked to optimize her chances of becoming pregnant. After performing only one […]

16Nov, 2016

We are happy to announce a successful pregnancy. Using IVF with a Gestational Carrier (GC) in the U.S., the Intended Parents (IP) from Ying IVF, one of our global connections in China, flew to Japan to undergo IVF treatment in our Kobe offices. (Because IVF can require many cycles to be successful, Chinese patients often opt to fly to Japan for treatment as it is much less expensive than incurring the cost of multiple flights to the U.S.). Through IVF and additional PGS testing, which allows us to identify any […]

As Many as 30% of Fertilized Eggs have an Abnormal Number of Chromosomes
24Oct, 2016

At one time, twin sightings were a rare occasion, but due to the rise of both IVF and the use of fertility drugs, twins and even triplets are a much more common occurrence and it isn’t unusual to now know of families with a set of twins or to see parent’s pushing double strollers down the street along with their first-born toddlers. The increase in twins and triplets is partly the result of the multiple-embryo transfer (MET) approach to IVF which leads to multiple gestations, though some patients are sometimes […]

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