After hours of research about IVF, I found that most websites had a limited amount of information buried under the same repro center promises and static websites. Finding Hanabusa IVF’s site piqued my interest, though, and after reading a couple of your blogs, I felt safe. [ read more ]

Thank you Dr. Chang!!! After struggling for close to five years, we finally have our baby girl! Dr. Chang guided us through the entire process. He was always willing to take the time to talk with my partner and me, answer our questions, and explain things to us as we moved through the process. Dr. Chang’s patient and gentle manner put us at ease, and we felt very confident in his expertise as he performed the egg retrievals and transfers that resulted in our beautiful daughter. Thanks again for all of your help! [ read more ]

When I think of what a great physician is, it’s someone combines excellent technical medicine with a deep care for their patients as individuals. Sadly, in our modern day, I think these people are becoming rare, but you embody that ideal to us. Thank you for all you have done for us.  [ read more ]

Before joining his clinic as a patient, I had already numerous IUI treatments in a large IVF clinic in New York City, a late second-trimester miscarriage, and an unsuccessful IVF treatment behind me. In addition, I had a thyroid disease and was close to 40. I clearly was not an easy patient, but Dr. Chang has a lot of experience with helping women achieve pregnancy later in their lives.  [ read more ]

At age 42 I gave birth to our healthy, happy, beautiful daughter. We will always remember what a difference Dr. Chang made to our family. [ read more ]

As doctors go, Dr. Chang is probably my biggest hero. He did not rush through our visits. He took the time to answer our questions (and I always had lots). He explained things clearly but simply. He was tremendously reassuring and we felt that he sincerely had our best interests at heart. [ read more ]

After being turned down by my centers, I found hope, trust and support by Dr. Chang and his staff.  Being a physician myself I was always seeking answers and trying to come up with ways that I could possibly get pregnant.  By being a patient as well, I found myself having to be my own advocate.  [ read more ]

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