Who We Are


Hanabusa IVF is a fertility center located in San Diego, California, specializing in Japanese Minimal Stimulation IVF “Mini IVF”, as an alternative to the high stimulation protocols universally performed throughout the United States.

Masahide Shiotani, M.D., Ph.D., founder of the largest IVF center in Kobe, Japan, Hanabusa Women’s Clinic, and Lyndon Chang, M.D., FACOG, a leading pioneer in the advancement of Japanese Mini IVF in the United States, collaborated to create Hanabusa IVF here in the United States.

Japanese IVF is unique from conventional IVF, not only in regards to the stimulation medication protocol, but likewise in its approach to IVF that emphasizes retrieval of only the best quality eggs (rather than quantity). The best quality egg offers the greatest opportunity to create healthy embryo. This can now be achieved while minimizing the risks, side effects, and complications associated with traditional IVF protocols.

Our dedicated, experienced, and professional team is here to assist you in your journey to build a family. We offer personalized treatment plans to meet each patient’s individual needs with state of the art technology and extraordinary care.

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