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Masahide Shiotani, MD

Dr. Masahide Shiotani

Masahide Shiotani, MD

Hanabusa IVF Co-Founder

Dr. Masahide Shiotani is the co-founder of Hanabusa IVF and owner of several fertility clinics in Japan. His medical career began not long after graduating from the Shimane University School of Medicine. He began working at the Kyoto University Hospital Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics and soon joined the IVF team where he began researching infertility, specifically the implantation process of the fertilized egg.

After gaining a wealth of experience in the fertility field, Dr. Shiotani spent six years working at the Kobe City Medical Center General Hospital. While there, he had success with the first ICSI baby in Hyogo Prefecture. After working in fertility practices, he opened his original clinic, the Hanabusa Women’s Clinic, in Tarumi. Over the following decade, he went on to open two more women’s clinics in Sannomiya.

Now, Dr. Shiotani manages three, thriving fertility clinics and helps to run the Hanabusa IVF clinic in San Diego. His years of experience and research in the field of fertility can now be used to benefit people in both the United States and Japan.

What Our Patients Say About Us

I am glad I found this clinic. I LOVE how this clinic and it's staff care so much about their patients. This is not like traditional IVF patients where you feel like you are just another number. I'm grateful for all the quality care! Dr. Chang is the most amazing and caring doctor ever. I can not thank him enough!! I would definitely recommend Hanabusa IVF.

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