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We Are Honored to Help You Grow Your Family

As a world-class IVF provider in San Diego, Hanabusa IVF is proud to offer fertility services to LGBT couples throughout Southern California and beyond. We serve both male and female couples utilizing all available IVF service options to help them to fulfill their family dream. We have also partnered with top surrogacy agencies in the area to provide the greatest selection of surrogates to help our patients find a quality candidate.

IVF for Female (Lesbian) Couples

Female couples do not often seek out IVF services as it is often more convenient to do only an insemination procedure called IUI (intrauterine insemination) where the sperm is transferred to the uterus with a catheter. However, IVF is still a valuable option for lesbian couples since it allows one partner to donate an egg while the other carries it during the pregnancy. Many couples prefer this option as it cultivates an immediate biological connection to the child for both parents.

IVF services offer many advantages to lesbian couples:

  • Both parents play an active role in the process: genetic and gestational
  • If there are no significant fertility issues, chances of a successful live birth are high

Mini IVF is an ideal option for fertile lesbian couples, since they don’t need invasive traditional IVF treatment to have a baby. After you’ve decided to have a baby and determined which partner will carry the child, the next stop is finding a sperm donor. We collaborate with top-quality sperm banks throughout the United States to help you find a suitable candidate. Once the sperm has been secured, we will extract the eggs from the selected partner and begin creating an embryo. Once the embryo reaches the blastocyst stage, we may perform PGS, genetic screening with an option to select the sex of the embryo before implantation.

IVF for Male (Gay) Couples

IVF for gay men is a simple and convenient process at Hanabusa IVF. We have an onsite egg donor and surrogacy program. Either or both partners can be the sperm provide to inseminate the donated eggs. We then culture the embryo to blastocyst stage. At this point, we may do PGS, genetic screening, with an option to select the sex of the embryo. The selected surrogate will be prepared for an embryo transfer and will carry the pregnancy.

Facts about IVF for male couples:

  • If you choose to combine sperm from both partners, we may mix the samples together and allow for biology to decide the biological father of the child
  • Or we may inseminate two eggs, which could result in twins—each with a biologically different father
  • You can pick an egg from our egg bank or have one donated by a friend or family member, which is known as Directed Egg Donation.
  • IVF has a high success rate for male couples so long as the sperm donor does not have any fertility issues.

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What Our Patients Say About Us

I am glad I found this clinic. I LOVE how this clinic and it's staff care so much about their patients. This is not like traditional IVF patients where you feel like you are just another number. I'm grateful for all the quality care! Dr. Chang is the most amazing and caring doctor ever. I can not thank him enough!! I would definitely recommend Hanabusa IVF.

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