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Laboratory Expansion FAQ

Q: What are the lab expansion dates?

A: Work will take place from mid-June until September, but we will start to have blackout dates starting in May.

Q: Where will my procedure and laboratory work take place?

A: We are collaborating with an IVF center in Encinitas to complete procedures and IVF laboratory work during their downtime – we will utilize their space when they are not working, and it will be our team providing the services.

Q: Where is my monitoring appointment?

A: Our third-floor offices in Sorrento Valley will remain fully operational; only the first-floor procedure room and laboratory space are affected by this construction.

Q: What are the blackout dates?

A: We will be limited in our dates for cycling patients each month at our partner clinic. We will be unable to perform egg retrievals or transfer procedures during the last two weeks of each month from May through September.
Also, please consider that Dr. Diane LeBlanc’s vacation dates are July 18-31 and Dr. Lyndon Chang’s vacation dates are August 1-12.

Q: Will our cycles be limited?

A: Due to the delicate coordination of cycles, we will need to limit the number of cycles each month, so we suggest notifying your nurse coordinator of all anticipated treatment plans you have during this time.

Q: Who will do my procedure at the remote location in Encinitas?

A: From mid-June through September, Dr. Chang and Dr. LeBlanc will take alternative procedure days at the Encinitas office.

Q: During construction, will my embryos/eggs be safe? Will they go to Encinitas?

A: Your frozen specimens will remain safely stored and monitored at our Hanabusa IVF facility. If you have a procedure that involves using your frozen specimens during this time, they will be transported to our partner clinic at CACRM in Encinitas. We will have our patients fill out a form acknowledging this before transportation.
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