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Reciprocal Low Complexity IVF

The Missing Step in Your LGBTQ Fertility Care:

Reciprocal IVF is becoming a favorite option for Lesbian couples who want to build their family.

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While traditional treatments involved only one of the partners, Reciprocal IVF allows both future parents to have a physiological connection with their baby.

It is technically identical to IVF with egg donation; only it is an intra couple donation.

When considering Reciprocal IVF, instead of highly aggressive and extremely costly Conventional methods, there is a gentler, lower-cost treatment option: Reciprocal Low Complexity (Co-Maternity) IVF.

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Reciprocal IVF

In this process, one partner is the egg donor or the genetic mother who would undergo a mild ovarian stimulation with oral medications, then an egg retrieval under local anesthesia.

Once the embryos are created and cultured in the laboratory, we will freshly transfer them into the other partner who would become the gestational carrier and the birth mother.

Co-Maternity IVF is for couples who want all the benefits of shared motherhood through IVF but desire to remain the least aggressive and most cost-conscious possible.

Patient Testimonials
  • "I would highly recommend Hanabusa to anyone. Dr. Chang, Ai, and everyone we worked with made it possible for us to have a baby with individualized care throughout our journey. I’m so thankful for you!"

    - Submitted By L.R.
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  • "Thank you for taking such amazing care of us! And thank you for coming to meet us on a Saturday night for emergency medication after CVS Caremark and UPS messed up! I have been to several IVF clinic ..."

    - Submitted By LC
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  • "We are very happy to announce the birth of our son! The embryo that was tested for PGT but came back “unknown” for result turned out to be a very healthy boy! It took a lot of testings/procedures ..."

    - Submitted By Sk
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  • "I wanted to send you a personal note to express my sincerest gratitude for making our dreams come true. Before I found Hanabusa, we thought there was no chance we would be able to have a family. We ..."

    - Submitted By SA
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  • "Thank you everyone. The team here will always be apart of making my journey worthwhile. You all have been so supportive and great and took really great care of me. Thank you Dr. Chang for ..."

    - Submitted By PS
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  • "Just wanted to take a moment and thank each and everyone of you for spending so much time even through all these changes the attention to detail and the attention that you have paid me is greatly ..."

    - Submitted By B.P. Proud Surrogate
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  • "I am completely confident in Hanabusa in treating and providing IVF to me. I am overwhelmed about the way they communicate and provide/ tailor treatment to my body specifically. Such a different ..."

    - Submitted By RR
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  • "Truly, every person working in Hanabusa that I have had the pleasure of meeting so far has been open, warm, competent and caring. What a beautiful atmosphere they cultivate :)"

    - Submitted By P.T.
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  • "I have had a wonderful experience with Hanabusa IVF this far. My husband and I are in the midst of a retrieval cycle. This our first round of IVF after 8 years of trying to conceive on our own. ..."

    - Submitted By K.B.
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  • "So far I have experienced in your clinic is what I have been looking for in this long journey. Your service is excellent, everyone is friendly and professional, Dr. Chang knows my medical history from ..."

    - Submitted By Y.H.
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