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Welcome to San Diego

Hello from San Diego!

Leaving New York was bittersweet. I have great memories of the rush and franticness of my younger days but, after almost 25 years and now having two young children, I don’t need that anymore. I need sun, beach and a backyard. I will miss my former colleagues, my staff and my patients, but my colleagues and staff will endure and my patients are in good hands, so on to the sun and beach and a new purpose: Providing an alternative to the patients of San Diego.

For those who do not know me, I have been with New Hope Fertility Center in New York City these past 8 years providing infertile couples new options, alternatives to conventional IVF: Japanese Low Stimulation IVF and Natural IVF. Instead of high dose, frequent medications (also known as super-stimulation) with high cost, frequent side-effects and complications, these alternative protocols involve few if no medications, lower costs, fewer side effects and fewer risks. Not only do patients tend to feel better overall, these options have allowed patients to succeed where conventional IVF often failed them (older woman, diminished ovarian reserve, premature ovarian failure).

These protocols may not be for everyone. Actually, I do think they are for everyone, but because of the relative “newness” of these protocols and the resistance of the reproductive community in embracing these techniques, not everyone is ready for them.

For those of you who have failed IVF doing the same thing over and over again …

For those of you who have been told that you are too old, your FSH is too high, your AMH is too low and/or you have a poor reserve and don’t make enough eggs …

For those of you who feared too many medications, too many side effect, too many complications …

I offer you an alternative.

Welcome to San Diego

Welcome to Hanabusa IVF.