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  • He stands out as a doctor who individualizes his care and treatment for each client, with care and thoughtfulness

    Me and my family have a deep appreciation for the care and treatment provided at Hanabusa IVF. When I first presented to Hanabusa IVF, I was physically, mentally, and emotionally drained from over a year of unsuccessful fertility treatments at other clinics. At the last clinic, it was recommended that I pursue donor eggs as the next step, which left me feeling quite hopeless about the prospects of having a second biological child. Even though I knew the odds were against me, I was not ready to give up. I also did not want to look back with regret that I didn’t do everything I could to try, before turning 42 years-old. So I was recommended to try Hanabusa IVF for a different approach to the traditional fertility treatments out there. Dr. Chang is a an incredibly patient, kind, thorough, responsive, respectful, competent, and realistically optimistic physician. He stands out as a doctor who individualizes his care and treatment for each client, with care and thoughtfulness. Although Dr. Chang is extremely busy, he presents himself like you are a priority and he is never rushed to answer questions. He represents what I would consider is exceptional patient care and I will forever be grateful for him. The Hanabusa IVF staff are amazing, from the front desk, nursing staff, lab, and management. Everyone is warm, welcoming, kind, and friendly. Despite how difficult it can be at times to go through fertility treatment, it was always comforting to walk into the clinic and receive the wonderful care provided. They all made it a little easier to get through it all. When I first started treatment at Hanabusa IVF, I did it to not regret anything and did not really believe I could have a second child. The bonus is that I am now successfully pregnant, thanks to Dr. Chang and all his staff! When I graduated from the clinic, it was hard to say goodbye to everyone. But I look forward to returning to the clinic next year so that I can visit with my family and new baby boy :-)

    - Submitted By Anonymous
  • Finding Hanabusa IVF... I felt safe.

    After hours of research about IVF, I found that most websites had a limited amount of information buried under the same repro center promises and static websites. Finding Hanabusa IVF’s site piqued my interest, though, and after reading a couple of your blogs, I felt safe. A doctor that spends time educating, pointing out both the negatives and the positives is both unique and refreshing. I am so glad I found you and can’t wait to meet you. I am in San Diego (congrats on moving to the most fabulous city!)

    Thank you so much for your effort. I finally do not feel so lost :), and let your wife know that your wordy blog is a welcomed relief.

    Can your office can send me pricing info on your cycles and consult fees? It’s greatly appreciated.

    Warm Regards, San Diego

    - Submitted By JH
  • Dr. Chang was the only person that we wanted.

    Thank you Dr. Chang!!! After struggling for close to five years, we finally have our baby girl! Dr. Chang guided us through the entire process. He was always willing to take the time to talk with my partner and me, answer our questions, and explain things to us as we moved through the process. Dr. Chang’s patient and gentle manner put us at ease, and we felt very confident in his expertise as he performed the egg retrievals and transfers that resulted in our beautiful daughter. Thanks again for all of your help!

    My wife and I are so disappointed that Dr. Chang is not going to be in New York. We had multiple fertility issues and ended up having to use a gestational surrogate. Dr. Chang was the only person that we wanted to perform the transfer, and we are so glad that he was willing to change around his busy schedule to make sure that he was the one to complete this procedure for us. We now have a one-year-old baby girl, and we are ready to start trying for baby number two. If we didn’t have our embryos frozen elsewhere, we would probably fly out to CA just so that we could feel confident that we had the best doctor to perform our transfer again.

    Thank you!!

    - Submitted By Anonymous
  • You have been amazing to us.

    Omg Dr. Chang!!! I’m so, so sad to hear that you’re leaving NY!!!!

    I wanted you to do my transfer next spring 🙁

    Hanabusa IVF is so lucky to have you!! You have been amazing to us. Had it not been for your hand holding I would never have been able to continue. You really made such a difference! We love our child and we are so grateful every day that we have him.
    I will miss you so much!!!!! Best wishes to you on your new adventure!!!

    Thank you for all you did for us.

    New York (41 years old)

    - Submitted By KT
  • Thank you for all you have done for us.

    I also want to thank you for all you’ve done for us. These past few years have been remarkably trying, and yet the arrival of our child made it all worthwhile.

    When I think of what a great physician is, it’s someone combines excellent technical medicine with a deep care for their patients as individuals. Sadly, in our modern day, I think these people are becoming rare, but you embody that ideal to us. Thank you for all you have done for us. I echo my wife’s best wishes for the future.

    - Submitted By BT
  • I will be... eternally grateful to Dr. Chang.

    On my long and difficult journey to motherhood I could not have imagined a better doctor than Dr. Chang and I consider myself incredibly lucky that I found him. Before joining his clinic as a patient, I had already numerous IUI treatments in a large IVF clinic in New York City, a late second-trimester miscarriage, and an unsuccessful IVF treatment behind me. In addition, I had a thyroid disease and was close to 40. I clearly was not an easy patient, but Dr. Chang has a lot of experience with helping women achieve pregnancy later in their lives.

    Dr. Chang uses a minimal stimulation approach which appealed to me since I had done traditional IVF previously – with negative outcomes: it yielded an average amount of follicles but the embryo quality was not satisfactory. So the concept of generating less but better quality follicles/embryos with lesser drugs seemed attractive to me and my husband. This approach, I was told on one of my first consultations, may mean that more cycles need to be performed, but this actually turned out to be so much better in terms of relieving the stress associated with IVF. The expectations are to collect a few good quality embryos at the rate your own bodies delivers them and in later cycles put them back. The pressure of having to succeed at every cycle is off, and therefore emotionally, but of course also physically, the low stimulation cycles are easier to handle- at least in my experience.

    Dr. Chang has a great capacity to listen to his patients and treats them truly as individuals. He always took the time during our consultations to explain every treatment plan in detail and he involved me in the process of planning and managing a cycle. He really studies a cycle thoroughly, and at each step adjusts and fine-tunes the treatment not simply following a strict protocol but according to what is right for one’s own body at a particular cycle stage. He is truly very knowledgeable: he took every question I had very seriously and always had a satisfying answer to it.

    Going through an IVF cycle is very challenging and can be an emotional rollercoaster. This is where empathy and bedside manners come in. Dr. Chang always made me feel that he is with me on the journey and that he wanted me to succeed – which I did: I had a beautiful, healthy baby boy at age 43 and I will be entirely and eternally grateful to Dr. Chang for all the support and most excellent IVF treatment/care he has given me all along the way.

    New York (45 years old)

    - Submitted By HR