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Low Complexity IVF

Low Cost IVF in California

Low Complexity IVF is the missing step between IUI and Conventional IVF treatments. It relies on the basic principles of IVF technology but simplifies therapeutic interventions, and for some patients, Low Complexity IVF treatments may be all they need to optimize pregnancy outcomes.

How our Streamlined Low Complexity IVF Process Works:

  • Oral medications are used for ovarian stimulation.
  • Eggs are retrieved under local anesthesia.
  • Competent Embryo(s) are transferred back into the uterus a few days later.

There are no injectable fertility drugs, general anesthesia, ICSI, and no Embryo freezing or testing.

Advantages of Low Complexity IVF

  • Avoids daily fertility injection medications
  • Higher Success rates as compared to IUI
  • Lower cost alternative as compared to traditional IVF
  • Reduction of side effects associated with fertility medications
  • Prevents ethical concerns related to Cryopreservation

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