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Simpler Egg Collection

San Diego Egg Collection

Oocyte retrieval is the removal of eggs from the ovary. A transvaginal ultrasound probe is used to visualize the ovaries and the egg-containing follicles within the ovaries. A long needle, which can be seen on ultrasound, can be guided into each follicle and the contents aspirated. The aspirated material includes follicular fluid, oocytes (eggs) and granulosa (egg-supporting) cells.

IVF centers throughout the United States perform this procedure under general anesthesia or IV deep sedation. The use of anesthesia during the egg retrieval can produce unintended complications such as an allergic reaction, low blood pressure, nausea or vomiting. Patients will have to take the day off from work to recover and adult company has to be present to be released from the center.

A Simpler Egg Collection Method

At Hanabusa IVF’s San Diego fertility clinic, you will not have to take a day off or call out sick from your work on the day of your egg retrieval procedure. Since there are few follicles to aspirate during the procedure there is no need to use IV sedation with an anesthesiologist like at other IVF centers. We use gentle protocols and the smallest needles possible to make your retrieval procedure as minimally invasive and maximally comfortable as possible.

Our San Diego fertility experts pride themselves in being able to make the egg retrieval process so easy for the patient that there is typically little or no recovery time. You can walk away from our fertility center, minutes after your retrieval, comfortable, confident, and ready to get on with your day.

Additional benefits of our safe, quick egg retrieval procedure:

  • No additional costs for anesthesiologist services ($500 and up)
  • No anesthesia side effects like: nausea, vomiting, sore throat, dry mouth, etc.
  • No adult company required to release you from our center after procedure
  • No bleeding complications after egg retrieval

Hanabusa IVF’s special egg collection needles are only 20 or 21 gauge, which is about half in thickness used at other IVF centers (pictured on the left). The specially designed and manufactured blade at the tip helps minimize tissue damage. This very fine needle causes minimal pain and no bleeding complications.

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