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Egg Donation & Surrogacy

In-House Egg Donation Program and Surrogacy Services

By donating an egg at Hanabusa IVF, you are helping couples unable to conceive on their own to have a chance at raising a child. The success rate of a donation will depend on a variety of factors, including the age of the egg donor, her ovarian reserve, proven donation history and the quality of the contributing semen.

We also offer surrogacy services for couples that may have a difficult time carrying the pregnancy themselves. We work with the best surrogacy agencies in Southern California and maintain above-average standards when selecting candidates.

Several women can benefit from egg donations, including those with:

  • Diminished ovarian reserve
  • Premature menopause
  • Poor egg quality due to aging
  • Poor responses to hormone stimulation
  • Genetic diseases that could pass on to offspring

To provide our patients with donor egg options, Hanabusa IVF established an in-house egg donor agency: Asian Egg Bank. We are proud to have the largest Asian donor database in California with 100+ Asian egg donors. Patients may choose fresh, matched egg donation cycle of frozen donor egg service package with a guarantee program.

For Prospective Parents

As a recipient of a donated egg, you will undergo an assessment so that we can narrow down your options and match you with an egg donor that best matches your genetic requirements. We provide adult and childhood photos of the donor. All donors are carefully selected based on health, family genetic history and an absence of infectious diseases and risk factors, so you can rest assured that the egg you receive should not be at risk for any significant medical issues.

A major advantage of receiving donation services from a frozen egg bank is that it is immediately available. Research has shown that regardless of fresh or frozen egg used for egg donation, it will still have the same chance of success for the recipient. That said, we do allow our patients to choose between a freshly matched egg donation or a frozen egg donation services.

For more information on egg donations, visit the Asian Egg Bank website, or contact us today.

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