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Why Hanabusa IVF?

Raising the Bar in Every Level

We are an extraordinary IVF operation where we take only a few patients at a time and provide each with excellent service on every level.

This allows us to develop strong relationships with our patients and create a customized treatment plan for each one. Unlike larger fertility clinics, where the goal is to perform as many cycles as possible, we concentrate on each individual case, providing extra care to develop a fertility plan with the highest chances for success.

Deciding on a fertility clinic can be a tough process, especially if you have had unsuccessful IVF results in the past. That is why we are glad you are considering us!

Our Holistic Approach to infertility is often successful for women who have had poor luck with traditional IVF treatment in the past as we are one of the few centers in the United States pioneering in the Minimal Stimulation protocols and unlike other larger fertility clinics, we have over decades of experience and success in the most challenging cases. We are also experienced and fully equipped to offer any fertility treatment services a patient may need, from IUI to surrogacy.

Learn more about the benefits of Hanabusa IVF:

If you are interested in learning more about Hanabusa IVF or Mini IVF, please feel free to contact us today.

Patient Testimonials
  • "Thank you for taking such amazing care of us! And thank you for coming to meet us on a Saturday night for emergency medication after CVS Caremark and UPS messed up! I have been to several IVF clinic ..."

    - Submitted By LC
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  • "Every single person I had interactions with in this practice has been completely professional, knowledgeable, and empathetic. It’s a combination you rarely see in doctor’s offices. I could not ..."

    - Submitted By KG
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  • "We just celebrated our healthy baby girl's one month birthday, all thanks to Dr. Chang and his wonderful staff. Dr. Chang is the best and most trustworthy doctor I have ever encountered. He actually ..."

    - Submitted By MH
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  • "As doctors go, Dr. Chang is probably my biggest hero. He did not rush through our visits. He took the time to answer our questions (and I always had lots). He explained things clearly but simply. He ..."

    - Submitted By Anonymous
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  • "Dr. Chang is different from other doctors, especially in the IVF field. He listened to us with an open mind. For five years we struggled to conceive. We met doctor after doctor and the failures and ..."

    - Submitted By J&J
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  • "On my long and difficult journey to motherhood I could not have imagined a better doctor than Dr. Chang and I consider myself incredibly lucky that I found him. Before joining his clinic as a patient, ..."

    - Submitted By HR
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  • "I also want to thank you for all you’ve done for us. These past few years have been remarkably trying, and yet the arrival of our child made it all worthwhile. When I think of what a great physician ..."

    - Submitted By BT
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  • "Omg Dr. Chang!!! I’m so, so sad to hear that you’re leaving NY!!!! I wanted you to do my transfer next spring 🙁 Hanabusa IVF is so lucky to have you!! You have been amazing to us. Had it not been for ..."

    - Submitted By KT
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  • "Thank you Dr. Chang!!! After struggling for close to five years, we finally have our baby girl! Dr. Chang guided us through the entire process. He was always willing to take the time to talk with my ..."

    - Submitted By Anonymous
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  • "After hours of research about IVF, I found that most websites had a limited amount of information buried under the same repro center promises and static websites. Finding Hanabusa IVF’s site piqued my ..."

    - Submitted By JH
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