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Hanabusa IVF Pleased to Announce a Successful Pregnancy

We are happy to announce a successful pregnancy. Using IVF with a Gestational Carrier (GC) in the U.S., the Intended Parents (IP) from Ying IVF, one of our global connections in China, flew to Japan to undergo IVF treatment in our Kobe offices. (Because IVF can require many cycles to be successful, Chinese patients often opt to fly to Japan for treatment as it is much less expensive than incurring the cost of multiple flights to the U.S.). Through IVF and additional PGS testing, which allows us to identify any chromosomal abnormalities in the embryo, we were able to ship a normal blastocyst from Japan to the U.S. The GC in the U.S. then began fertility treatment on August 25. With our Japanese non-invasive, minimal stimulation approach, no fertility drug injections were necessary. The GC’s treatment involved oral and vaginal pills only—a much more comfortable process, minus the stress and discomfort of injections. She underwent SET on September 23, resulting in a healthy pregnancy on September 30, and she is now 7 weeks pregnant. Several factors led to this success, including the creation of a healthy embryo, efficient treatment across continents, and our non-invasive, minimal stimulation approach to IVF, which ensures a more relaxed, comfortable experience for the GC.

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