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Success Story – Mini IVF Results in Three Healthy Embryos

Hanabusa IVF is happy to report the results of a successful mini IVF treatment. A 35-year old patient whose tubal issues were causing her infertility problems now has three healthy embryos. This patient preferred a low stimulation approach to IVF. When formulating her personalized treatment plan, we recommended minimal stimulation IVF with the understanding that she may have to undergo future rounds of IVF. We felt that the patient was young enough to produce multiple embryos and so worked to optimize her chances of becoming pregnant. After performing only one mini-IVF cycle, we were able to procure four eggs. We then created four blastocysts and used PGS to screen for any chromosomal abnormalities. This resulted in three normal, healthy embryos. By opting for mini IVF treatment, this patient was able to avoid the more conventional, costly, time-consuming and invasive approach to IVF treatment. Working together, our treatment plan reduced patient costs, time investment and, perhaps most importantly, stress.

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