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The New Link between IVF and Cortisol Levels in Hair

Healthy hair is a good indication of overall good health. When you’re stressed, hair is often the first to show signs of strain. Dry, brittle, dull hair often means that the stress hormone cortisol is wrecking havoc with your system. Less stress and a diet full of omega 3s, grass-fed meats or other proteins can help hair regain its sheen and gloss, but more than look or feel, hair health also relates to other medical issues, namely reproductive health.

This is particularly the case when it comes to the success of IVF treatment. In a new study published in Psychoneuroendocrinology, doctors have discovered that cortisol levels in hair can be an excellent predictor of IVF success. According to the study, high levels of cortisol in hair indicate a third less chance of a successful pregnancy when undergoing IVF. While it is widely known that reducing stress can increase the chance of conceiving—through IVF or naturally—this study now offers proof of such claims. (You can read the full article in Science Daily here.)

At Hanabusa IVF, a leading San Diego fertility clinic, we strongly encourage our patients to manage stress well before they begin IVF treatment. We offer guidance on diet, stress reduction techniques, such as meditation and acupuncture, and we work with patients to create a personalized treatment plan comprised of our Japanese IVF, a minimal stimulation approach to IVF requiring little, if any, injections. No needles or painful injections are all factors that help to reduce stress. We also work to keep costs low and reduce the time investment by optimizing each and every IVF cycle. A good diet, exercise and stress-reduction techniques along with our approach to IVF ensures the well-being of all of our patients.