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Quality over Quantity When Implanting Embryos

New research shows that implanting two embryos cuts the chances for a successful pregnancy by a quarter, particularly if one embryo is in a poorer state of health than the other. The body, instead of focusing on the healthy embryo, will concentrate on the less viable embryo and can then reject a pregnancy altogether. Doctors involved in the research study conclude that if a “poor quality embryo is placed back with a good one, it’s more likely to compromise the chance of the good one implanting.” In short, the research underscores the importance of quality over quantity.

Here at Hanabusa IVF, this has long been our approach to embryo transfer. We favor single embryo transfer (SET) and work with the patient in order to retrieve the highest quality egg to create the healthiest embryo, maximizing chances for a successful pregnancy.

To read more about this recent study, read the full Guardian article here:

“IVF Pregnancy Less Successful With Two Embryos, Study Finds”