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Complicated IVF Cases and Our Success Stories

At Hanabusa IVF we are committed to taking on all forms of infertility, even the most challenging cases. Some of our recent patients have come to us with previous failed IVF and IUI attempts and others have Diminished Ovarian Reserve (DOR), high FSH or Premature Ovarian Failure (POF). Despite these complications, Hanabusa IVF is able to treat each patient.

Below, we’ve compiled some of our most challenging cases and invite you to review the alternative protocols we used to ensure a successful pregnancy for each patient.

  • A 41-year old woman who underwent 3 failed and 5 cancelled rounds of IVF was treated at Hanabusa using our mini-IVF approach. After one round of IVF using Clomid only, and therefore no FSH injections, we were able to produce a normal embryo. After PGS testing, we froze the embryo and later performed FET after natural ovulation, and she is now pregnant.
  • In the case of a 34-year old woman who had 7 failed IUIs and 1 failed IVF, her Hanabusa protocol involved one round of mini-IVF and FET after natural ovulation. She is now pregnant with the embryos she had frozen for the future.
  • After 2 failed IUIs and 5 failed IVFs, a 36-year old woman with DOR and a high FSH peaking at 27, came to Hanabusa where we used a different, less invasive protocol than her previous rounds of IVF. Again, we used our mini-IVF approach one time, established a normal embryo using PGS, and performed FET after natural ovulation, which led to a successful pregnancy.
  • A 27 year-old woman came to us after a failed TESA sperm IVF. With one cycle of mini-IVF resulting in a normal embryo, we performed FET after natural ovulation and she is now pregnant.
  • With one round of mini IVF and using PGS (NGS) to determine the health of the embryo, we performed a transfer in a fresh cycle for a 39-year old woman who prior to this underwent IVF for male factor infertility and failed. After coming to Hanabusa, she is now pregnant.
  • After 3 rounds of mini-IVF, using only 2-4 injections of FSH per cycle, a 41-year old woman with POI and a high FSH peaking at 23, produced a normal embryo leading to pregnancy.
  • A 38-year old woman who underwent 3 rounds of failed IVF, came to Hanabusa for 1 mini-IVF cycle, using only 3 injections of FSH. Performing PGS, we were able to get a normal embryo and performed FET after natural ovulation leading to pregnancy.

We list these success stories as a way to illustrate the kinds of patients we’ve been able to treat. As you can see from the above cases, even patients with numerous failed IVF cycles are offered an alternative at Hanabusa, and the mini-IVF protocol combined with our overall gentle, safe approach, means it is possible to achieve a healthy pregnancy despite the complexities involved with your particular fertility issues.