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Infertility Awareness Week and the San Diego Walk for Hope

Last month during Infertility Awareness Week, several leading newspapers ran headlines noting that one in eight couples struggled with infertility. That’s 15 percent of the couples in the U.S. While this may not be news to couples who have already faced or are facing infertility, raising awareness and educating the wider public is a positive step toward helping these couples and those beginning attempts to conceive. Nation-wide walks like San Diego Resolve’s Walk for Hope were also part of the awareness week. These walks foster community and offer support to couples and they prompt couples who have not yet started to conceive to consult their doctors about any fertility issues they may have but not be aware of.

Hanabusa IVF took part in Resolve’s San Diego Walk for Hope, and so did many of our patients with their children born through IVF in tow. In addition to articles noting the nation’s infertility statistics, The Today show ran an article highlighting the top seven things couples dealing with infertility wished they’d known before beginning the IVF/infertility process. Things like joining a support group or being aware of the anger issues that may surface regarding all things relating to pregnancy were sighted. The article also focuses on ways family members and close friends can be helpful to couples—things like offering to be with them through doctor’s appointment or cooking a meal were particularly helpful. Many in the article noted that some comments from family and friends meant to be supportive, also had the power to wound and so offered suggestions as to how to protect oneself and ask for help and support in the ways most beneficial to them. The more awareness about infertility grows, the better couples will be able to cope and the better informed their support network will be.

Again, Hanabusa IVF was happy to be a part of this year’s Resolve San Diego Walk for Hope and were thrilled to see so many of our patients and their children and many supporters and friends.

To read more tips from those struggling with infertility, you can read the full Today Show article here:

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And here is a direct link to Resolve, the advocacy organization committed to raising infertility awareness through Walk for Hope and other programs:

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