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Make Coffee, Have a Baby

Starbucks is no longer just your neighborhood coffee store, of the coffee shop that seems to be taking over the neighborhood, it’s now the coffee shop that is helping to populate that very neighborhood. In a surprising revelation, or perhaps not so surprising, Starbucks unlike some other corporations in America, provides health insurance coverage for IVF procedures. But the company does not just extend this benefit to fulltime employees, part-time employees are eligible as well, making working for Starbucks an enticing employment option for Mom’s to be, especially those struggling with infertility issues. Now that studies show 8% of American couples are coping with infertility, IVF procedures are more and more common. Unfortunately, costs are high at about $20,000 per IVF cycle. But with a company like Starbucks offering coverage, it greatly reduces the costs. While one may have never considered becoming a barista as a necessary path to motherhood, it’s now a reality, and a happy one, for several new mother’s and mom’s to be who are donning the green Starbucks aprons in pursuit of starting their families. You can read the full article here:

How Starbucks covers pricey in vitro fertilization for even its part-time employees

At Hanabusa IVF, we are proud to say that we join Starbucks in offering IVF and egg freezing health insurance coverage to our employees. It’s a wonderful benefit and we get to see the results first hand.