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Avoiding Toxins

While diet, sleep and exercise all play a role in both good health and good reproductive health, there is another area we’d all do well to pay attention to—our bathroom and kitchen shelves and the products we use and are surrounded by on a daily basis. In previous blogs, we’ve discussed how endocrine disrupters can affect male sperm and lower sperm count, and we’d like to bring your attention to another new piece by the New York Times’ Nicholas Kristof where he invites readers to take a quiz to determine the percentage of one’s exposure to toxins and chemicals. Because Hanabusa IVF focuses on mini IVF and keeps drugs at a minimum, any additional efforts to reduce contact with harmful products and agents such as endocrine disrupters should be added to patients’ fertility care plans.

You can take the quiz and read the full article here.

What Poisons Are in Your Body?

Kristof also suggests consulting the consumer guides at ewg.org along with the Detox Me smartphone app.