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Open letter from our laboratory director

Dear Patient,

In response to the recent reports of the failure of liquid nitrogen storage tanks at two prominent IVF centers in the US, we at Hanabusa IVF wanted to reach out to all of our patients to assure that your frozen specimens are safe at our facility. We feel confident that the systems we have in place create an environment in which all tanks and specimens are monitored continuously and proactively for any possible signs of risk.

In addition to each of our tanks being physically monitored and checked by an embryologist on a daily basis, all of our storage tanks are connected to a state of the art alarm system. This system monitors liquid nitrogen levels and temperatures on an ongoing 24/7 basis. Our system is designed to alert staff members long before any specimens are in danger of being warmed to critical levels. If an alarm were to occur after hours, our system will begin calling each embryologist and continue calling until the alarm is acknowledged and the situation is resolved. This system is checked on a regular basis to confirm that an alarm will indeed activate this chain of events. Fortunately, many of our embryologists live near the clinic and would be able to respond very quickly. If a tank were to begin failing we have systems in place to assure that we always have plenty of space available in our other tanks to accommodate the moving of any specimens in potential danger to another tank.

We know how important your cryopreserved oocytes, embryos and sperm are to you and to us. We hope this helps alleviate any concerns you may have but feel free to contact us if you have any specific concerns or questions.

Lisa Nelson Msc., ELD

Embryology Laboratory Director

Hanabusa IVF/California Fertility Experts, Inc.

4910 Directors Place, #150

San Diego, CA 92121

Tel 858.381.3210