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Egg-Freezing and the Search for a Partner

For years, the reproductive assistance industry which includes IVF and egg freezing have had a misconception about the reason why women are freezing their eggs. The assumption was that because women were looking to advance their careers, they were delaying motherhood and instead taking advantage of new egg freezing technology to preserve their fertility. Because careers are often established during the very years that a woman is most fertile, it made sense that perhaps women who’d pursued not only a higher education, but more advanced degrees would want to optimize their time by freezing their eggs thus adding years onto their career trajectories. Motherhood could then come later when they had more income and could support and sustain a family. But in a recent New York Times article this myth is upended. According to new research, the real reason women are opting to freeze their eggs has more to do with not finding a suitable partner and less to do with a desire for career advancement. Fearing they might not find the right spouse in time to have a child naturally, they have instead opted to freeze their eggs. The hope is that this will buy them more time as they pursue possible partners. Career, partner, building a strong and health family all take time, and it is a comfort for women to know their fertility can remain intact as they work to ensure they have what they need to raise a child in the modern world. It is a proactive approach, and one that we at Hanabusa IVF support. In addition to egg freezing, we also offer men the ability to freeze their sperm. You can read more about our fertility preservation options here: https://www.hanabusaivf.com/Unique-Approach/Fertility-Preservation.aspx

And here is more on the real reason women are freezing their eggs:

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