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Turning to Mini-IVF Results in Success with Hanabusa IVF

The Hanabusa IVF team is happy report a patient success story. Prior to coming to Hanabusa IVF, a 37-year old patient had been trying to conceive for three years without success. She had never been pregnant before. She was diagnosed with Diminished Ovarian Reserve (DOR) and Primary Ovarian Insufficiency (POI). Her AMH was < 0.10 and had a peak FSH of 51.17, with an AFC of 2-3. Unfortunately, numerous IUI cycles were failures and her two IVF cycles, while resulting in two retrieved eggs, never reached fertilization. After little success with the conventional IVF route, she came to Hanabusa IVF in mid-September. Based on her history, we developed a curtailed approach for her particular infertility issues. We significantly reduced stimulation by lowering her fertility drug use and opting for only five injections. We monitored her through weekly blood tests and performed one ultra sound. After one month, we were able to stimulate one follicle and retrieve one egg under local anesthesia. The egg was mature and fertilized with success. It then reached blastocyst stage and we were able to freeze it. The PGS was normal and she can now use this embryo whenever she is ready for embryo transfer.