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Watching an Embryo Develop

Our work at Hanabusa IVF is devoted to helping create embryos for implantation, so we were delighted to be able to see a video of an embryo—albeit a mouse embryo—in development. A recent New York Times article featured this new break through—originally published in Cell—by a team of researchers and scientists who developed a high-resolution microscope which tracks the second by second development of an embryo. It is astonishing to watch the cells divide and multiply into vital organs like the spinal cord and the heart, but even more fascinating is to know the promise that such a new invention holds. As the New York Times article indicates, this new microscope allows researchers to study, in depth, how organs are formed offering potential ways to correct malformed tissue and correct birth deformities. You can read more on the high-resolution microscope and watches video clips here. For those of you inclined to read deeper into the scientific research and study, you can read the full report in Cell.