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The Future of Infertility Treatments?

As 2019 progresses, news of promising fertility and reproductive medicine advances continues to make headlines. Another Time Magazine cover titled “The Future of Babies,” features stories about uterus transplants, gene editing and the rise of three-parent embryos. Even more promising the main article which predominantly focuses on DNA editing—MRT or Mitochondrial Replacement Therapy—discusses how such research has led to the discovery of egg stem cells, ending the long-held belief that women have a finite number of viable eggs. As the article claims, researchers in favor of mitochondrial replacement therapy see it as another opportunity to treat infertility. Researchers are excited by these prospects as “reactivating mitochondria could improve the quality and function of aging eggs.” This is promising news for older women who are concerned about the health of their eggs. You can read more about these new advances and studies here: http://time.com/5492640/mitochondrial-replacement-therapy/