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California, “The Fertility State”

California, “The Fertility State,” is well on its way to becoming The Golden State’s new nickname so much so that even Vogue noticed the state’s lead in all things related to IVF, publishing a recent feature, “How California Became the World’s Fertility Treatment Destination.” In it, writer Jancee Dunn, explores the many reasons behind California’s ascendance as leader of the strong reproductive health industry. In addition to Silicon Valley with its culture of continuously advancing technology, health and wellness culture and infertility awareness due to Hollywood celebrities sharing their very personal stories about IVF and infertility, California is home to a growing number of supplemental reproductive support services. And Californian’s predilection for being on the cutting-edge of ART (assisted reproductive technology) means access to the best new procedures, tools and techniques. Here at Hanabusa IVF we were delighted to see that Mini IVF tops the list featured in Vogue’s article, which we quote in full here:

Slightly more time-consuming but gentler on the body, Mini-IVF requires less medication and has far fewer side effects (nausea, headaches, mood swings). “It has dramatically transformed the landscape of how we practice medicine at our center,” says Andy Huang, M.D., noting that studies are now showing that more eggs aren’t necessarily better for success rates.” –Jancee Dunn, Vogue

For more about Hanabusa IVF’s approach to Mini-IVF, please read here.