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Good News for the Start of Summer

Hanabusa IVF is celebrating two patient success stories. First, one of our Japanese patients who is in a same-sex marriage is now pregnant. Her story is rather complicated, and not just medically speaking due to the fact that, in Japan, it is illegal for LGBQT couples to have children. However, using a center in Japan, our patient was able to create an embryo using her wife’s eggs and a friend’s sperm. These embryos were then shipped to the U.S. where Hanabusa IVF took over. We were able to successfully transfer the embryos to our patient. Because this is her first pregnancy and the couple would like to have more than one child, we decided to first transfer a low-mosaic embryo which, research indicates, has a 40% chance of a live birth, with a 99% chance that the baby will develop normally. However, should this pregnancy meet complications and not result in a live birth, this patient will have another chance because we will then transfer one of her normal embryos. All in all, we were able to provide this same-sex couple with possibilities, and we are confident that they will achieve their dream of having a child, or two!

Our second success story, concerns a 45-year old woman who has never been pregnant and has a deep-seated fear for needles—not an ideal scenario for IVF. After several false starts due to an AFC of 1 and an FSH greater than 35, she eventually began a round of Clomid to aid in a single-egg retrieval when her FSH was at more reasonable levels for such a procedure. We were able to create a 2-cell embryo, and, since smaller follicles were also visible, we recommended a luteal phase stimulation using Clomid after this first egg retrieval. We were then able to retrieve another 3 eggs and 2 blastocysts, all of which are undergoing PGS. Another success story for June! We will be writing more about such remarkable cases in the weeks to come so stayed tune.