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Stars – They Really Are Just Like Us!

Infertility isn’t an easy topic to talk about and talking with family and friends can be more of a challenge than expected. According to Resolve, 1 in 8 couples, or more than 7 million people experience infertility. That statistic includes celebrities who decided that IVF should be perceived with no shame or guilt.

Just this past year, many celebrities shared their experiences of going through IVF to conceive their first or second baby. It’s a brand-new year and a new decade and women, men, and families should not be ashamed of going through IVF or opting to use a surrogate. Here are just a few celebrities who went public and shared their stories:

  • U.S. star Julianne Hough and her husband, Brook had to use IVF to complete their family:
    • After Julianne was diagnosed with endometriosis, she and her husband decided to use IVF to complete their family. Brook is a co-host on an iHeartRadio show called, How Men Think. According to IVF Babble, during a podcast episode he said that people should perceive the treatment with ‘no shame or guilt,’ and this is something we agree with.
  • U.S. television presenter, Giuliana Rancic decided to look at all options to expand her family:
    • Giuliana, 45 welcomed her son, Duke by surrogacy after her battle with breast cancer. Her fertility was diminished after battling breast cancer, which she beat. However, with the three successful embryos she had left, they all ended in a miscarriage. She and her husband, Bill Rancic said they were open to all options to having more children and believe that adoption is a beautiful gift. Read more about it here.
  • Australian singer, Natalie Imbruglia gave birth to a boy by using a sperm donor:
    • Natalie, 44 told the world that she conceived her baby boy by using IVF and the help of a sperm donor. It was her lifelong dream to become a mother. Read more about it here.
  • U.S. actress, Anne Hathaway announced fertility struggles conceiving baby number two:
    • According to IVF Babble, she took to Instagram to share the news with her 15 million followers and said that neither of her pregnancies had come easy and her struggles to conceive were hell.

Other celebrities include Chrissy Teigen, Lance Bass, Gabrielle Union, and Courtney Cox just to name a few. Let’s start 2020 off by feeling empowered and not ashamed of fertility struggles, because who knows, maybe your story will help someone struggling someday