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Another Hanabusa IVF Miracle!

This patient came to us with a low AMH (0.36) and a high FSH (39.8). Her periods were irregular, and she was told that she would not become pregnant on her own and would need to use donor eggs.  

Good thing she came to Hanabusa IVF. When someone told her that it is impossible to conceive on her own, Dr. Chang found a window of opportunity.  

This patient was 38 years old and was never pregnant before seeing us. Before coming to us, she failed multiple IUIs and two IVF cycles at two other fertility centers.  

We designed a personalized approach and attempted a few medicated timed intercourse cycles before proceeding with IVF. Since she has Premature Ovarian Insufficiency, we used minimal stimulation and steered clear of oral medications since she suffered from severe migraines. We used injection only, a Mini-Antagonist protocol.  

We performed egg retrieval under local anesthesia. This resulted in five eggs retrieved. All the eggs were mature, successfully fertilized, and resulted in one blastocyst which was tested and found to be PGT-A normal!  

Although Dr. Chang prefers a natural ovulation cycle for transfers, because of her irregular cycle, we proceeded with an artificial (programmed) cycle.  

We performed the transfer using transvaginal ultrasound guidance with an empty bladder so the patient would feel comfortable during the embryo transfer.   

We confirmed positive pregnancy one week after the transfer!  

Today, the patient is about 20 weeks into her pregnancy journey, and the pregnancy is progressing very well!