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Janelle’s IVF Story: A Happy Ending to a Difficult Fertility Journey

Janelle was a 35-year-old who had been trying to conceive since 2018. Before coming to Hanabusa IVF and working closely with Dr. LeBlanc, she had two IUI’s; the second IUI resulted in a pregnancy with a heartbeat, but unfortunately, pregnancy loss occurred at seven weeks. Her HSG results came back normal, and she had normal anatomy and uterus.

At Hanabusa IVF, we discovered that her vitamin D and Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) were out of range, so we fixed that first. Afterward, we created the embryos, did PGT-A testing, and had a Dilation and curettage (D&C) to prepare her uterine lining. We struggled with getting proper lining thickness, but Dr. LeBlanc and our team didn’t give up and tried three different protocols, ultimately thickening her uterine lining to a less-than-ideal thickness.

Even though the results were not up to expectations, we believe in patient autonomy at Hanabusa IVF. The decision to move forward with the embryo transfer was Janelle’s decision, and whatever she decided was fully supported by Dr. LeBlanc.

Janelle chose to proceed with the transfer, which resulted in the birth of her beautiful baby boy!

At Hanabusa IVF, we make the supposedly impossible possible. Even though the uterine environment was not ideal for our patient, we supported her moving forward, and now her healthy baby boy is here with us today.

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