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Sperm Awareness

While fertility and the culture of all things related to fertility have mostly been the domain of women, with women freezing their eggs and taking fertility tests to determine their egg reserves, men are beginning to take note and so too is a new industry, one that is developing male fertility products and a culture of awareness among men. In previous posts, we’ve covered the worrying studies that show men’s sperm counts have declined over the last forty years. (The Importance of Male Reproductive Health). The 2017 study had a major impact and now it appears that men are learning to educate themselves about their reproductive health—sperm counts and sperms’ overall health and performance. Men are also now beginning to freeze their sperm in much the same way and for the same reasons that women have been freezing their eggs. As a result, a host of new products have entered the market, including various at-home sperm tests which were recently featured in an article in the Styles section of the New York Times, surely a major indicator that infertility awareness is growing in men and the culture overall. As we’ve reported in the past, several factors lead to lower sperm counts and unhealthy sperm, including poor diet, lack of exercise and exposure to toxins. (Avoiding Toxins).

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If you’re interested in the new fertility tests designed for men, here are a few of the new products mentioned in the following New York Times article, “The Dawning of Sperm Awareness”:

Trak Male Fertility Testing System

Yo Home Sperm Test