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Reciprocal Low Complexity IVF

The Missing Step in Your LGBTQ Fertility Care:

Reciprocal IVF is becoming a favorite option for Lesbian couples who want to build their family.

While traditional treatments involved only one of the partners, Reciprocal IVF allows both future parents to have a physiological connection with their baby.

It is technically identical to IVF with egg donation; only it is an intra couple donation.

When considering Reciprocal IVF, instead of highly aggressive and extremely costly Conventional methods, there is a gentler, lower-cost treatment option: Reciprocal Low Complexity (Co-Maternity) IVF.

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In this process, one partner is the egg donor or the genetic mother who would undergo a mild ovarian stimulation with oral medications, then an egg retrieval under local anesthesia.

Once the embryos are created and cultured in the laboratory, we will freshly transfer them into the other partner who would become the gestational carrier and the birth mother.

Co-Maternity IVF is for couples who want all the benefits of shared motherhood through IVF but desire to remain the least aggressive and most cost-conscious possible.

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