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Karen Hall, PhD

Karen is a Clinical Psychologist (License #16803) running a private practice in the Carmel Valley/Del Mar area of San Diego. She provides telehealth counseling services across California and offers in-person sessions at her centrally located office in the beautiful Hacienda Building.

Known for her compassionate, approachable, and warm style, Karen loves her work and feels honored to support clients during times of crisis. With over 20 years of clinical experience, she utilizes evidence-based therapy methods like Mind-Body Tools, Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Strategies, Mindfulness, and Gottman Method for Healthy Relationships. These approaches help alleviate distressing symptoms, identify strengths, improve the quality of relationships, and enhance coping skills.

With her wealth of experience and training, Karen is well-equipped to help individuals manage the stress of fertility and family building struggles, find balance, meaning, and regain a sense of control. If you are interested in individual or couples support, please reach out to book a complimentary 15-minute phone call today.

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Education, Training and Clinical Work

Karen earned her Bachelor’s Degree from UCLA and her Masters and Ph.D. from the California School of Professional Psychology in San Diego. After completing her doctoral research focusing on psychological testing, she pursued an APA post-doctoral internship with the Navy, where she spent her initial six years as a psychologist on active duty. During this time, Karen gained expertise in Fitness-for-Duty Psychological Evaluations, Women’s Issues, supporting women in male-dominated industries, PTSD, and Anxiety Disorders.

Following her desire to start a family, Karen transitioned to work for the VA and Department of Defense. Unexpectedly, she faced her own fertility struggles, which sparked her interest and deep personal understanding of the psychological impact of infertility. In 2004, after the birth of her second child, Karen opened her private practice, focusing on helping women, men, and couples dealing with various aspects of fertility challenges and family building.

During this period, Karen completed training with the groundbreaking Mind/Body Medical Institute at Harvard. Additionally, she began consulting at Scripps Center for Executive Health, teaching progressive relaxation, breathing techniques, guided imagery, mindfulness meditation, and conducting quality of life consultations for executives as part of a comprehensive, one-day whole person exam.

Karen also sought consultation and advanced training with the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). She served as the Educational Resources Committee Chair for the Mental Health Professional Group of ASRM and presented at numerous ASRM and other professional conferences on topics like “The Trauma of Infertility and Pregnancy Loss: Helping Our Patients and Surrogates Heal,” “The Care and Evaluation of Donors and Surrogates,” “Women in Tech: Identifying the Obstacles, Managing the Stress,” “Telehealth in Reproductive Medicine,” and “Grief, Loss, and Alternative Family Building,” among many others.

Believing strongly in the power of education to improve patient care, Karen regularly speaks at local fertility clinics and hospitals, providing insights to staff and residents on the psychological impact of infertility and the optimal psychological care for fertility patients.

Patient Testimonials
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