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Understanding Your Embryology Updates

Your Day-by-Day Embryo Development:

Key Concepts:

Day 0-1 (Click here) = The day of your egg retrieval.

Day 2 and Day 4 = No updates on these days. Embryo is left in incubator, undisturbed.

Day 3 (Click here) = Embryo anticipated to reach 6-8 cells.

Day 5 – 7 (Click here) = Embryo will potentially reach blastocyst. Max up to day 7.

Morula (MOR) = Is 2 stages before/behind the blastocyst stage

Cavitating (CAV) = Is 1 stage before/behind the blastocyst stage

Oocyte = egg

Cultured = allowed to grow

Biopsy = take a small sample and send off to outside laboratory for testing

Blastocyst = final stage of IVF embryology development.

PGS testing/PGT-A = biopsy will be done once the embryo reaches the

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