Day 0 and Day 1


1. Immature eggs Metaphase I (MI) and Germinal Vesicle (GV) will be kept in the incubator overnight. If they become mature Metaphase II (MII) eggs we will perform ICSI on Day 1 IntraCytoplasmic Sperm Injection (Day 1 ICSI). ICSI is the only technique that can be used for these kinds of eggs. The daily report will show these embryos one day behind the eggs that were injected on day 0. An MI egg is developing from immature to mature and a GV is an immature egg.

2.Broken Zona (BZ) and Degenerated (DEG) eggs will be discarded.

Insemination Techniques

Conventional IVF (cIVF): individual eggs combined in a pool of spermatozoa, most similar to natural insemination.

IntraCytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI): injection of a single spermatozoon into a mature egg.


2 ProNuclei (2PN), is considered normal embryo fertilization and is expected to be seen the day after the sperm interaction with the egg. (cIVF or ICSI).

1 ProNuclei (1PN), 3 ProNuclei (3PN) and >3PN embryos are considered ABNORMAL fertilization. They are kept in culture and observed. They will not be discarded until you receive notification from the embryology laboratory. They have a low possibility of becoming a blastocyst.

Polar Body (PB) are eggs that failed to show signs of fertilization in the expected time frame. They are kept in culture because they can still show signs of cell division in the next 24-48 hours. These have a low possibility of becoming a blastocyst.

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