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Why Choose PRP?

The negative effects of aging on ovarian reserve and egg quality are well known. Advanced age women, patients with diminished reserve, premature ovarian insufficiency, early menopause, or perimenopausal are typically referred to as poor responders. Poor responders make-up 9%–24% of patients seeking therapy at assisted reproductive technology (ART) clinics.

Oocyte donation is a practical therapeutic option, but it involves significant psychological burdens. That is why interventions that support the regeneration of eggs and the rejuvenation of the ovaries are constantly sought for patients who are poor responders.

Attempts to overcome a poor response have been thus far focused on stimulating the ovaries to promote follicle growth. Many controlled ovarian stimulation (COS) protocols and other alternatives have been tested, but none have proven to be successful, probably due to the low number of remaining responsive antral follicles within the ovaries. Also, the eggs retrieved in this context of ovarian insufficiency are often of compromised quality and will produce poor quality embryos that would unlikely implant.

We now know that a small pool of quiescent primordial follicles remains, even in the ovaries of patients who are menopausal and have premature ovarian insufficiency (POI), which might contribute to increasing the final yield of oocytes.

Recent studies investigating the regenerative dynamic potential of the ovaries show that follicular growth could be stimulated when an adequate ovarian environment is restored. This restoration can be achieved by employing factors of known regenerative potential such as Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP), stem cells, isolated growth factors, artificial gametes, or mitochondrial replacement therapy for oocyte rejuvenation.


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